Is It Time to Declare Donald Trump's Demise?

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Josh Barro says Donald Trump is a loser. Is it too soon to write him off? Should Rich Lowry and the National Review take a victory lap? Is Marco Rubio going to glide into the nomination? David Frum is not so sure. "The presidency is a heavy, heavy office. Can Marco Rubio's shoulders who has never carried anything, carry that?" Bernie Sanders says he won't go negative, but Hillary Clinton says there have been artful smears. Should voters be concerned about her taking donations and speaking fees from interest groups? Josh Barro says she's going to get accused of being beholden anyway, so "If she is going to do the time, she might as well do the crime." Joan Walsh says Bernie Sanders on foreign affairs is so shaky, it is "borderline disqualifying." Rich Lowry says an article in convinced him -- let's kill all mosquitoes.

Josh Barro (New York Times) moderates from the Center. On the Left is Joan Walsh (, MSNBC). Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. David Frum (The Atlantic) is our special guest.

Photo: Gage Skidmore