It's Official: Donald Trump is the GOP Presidential Nominee

Was the Republican National Convention a success? We hear analysis of Donald Trump's speech, Ted Cruz getting booed off the stage and Melania Trump using lines from Michele Obama's speech. Josh Barro said all the comparisons of Trump to Richard Nixon were "unfair to Nixon." Rich Lowry said Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump was a leap into the dark that others weren't willing to make. Katrina vanden Heuvel said Chris Christie's speech that got the crowd shouting "guilty" and "lock her up" about Hillary Clinton reminded her of the Salem Witch Trials. What's to come next week at the Democratic National Convention? "I thought the fireworks were going to be in Cleveland, but get my popcorn ready for Philadelphia," said Michael Steele, former RNC chairman.

Josh Barro (Business Insider) moderates from the Center. On the Left, Katrina Vanden Heuvel (The Nation). Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. Michael Steele (MSNBC, former Republican National Committee Chairman) is our Special Guest.

Photo: Grant Miller