Jill Abramson Fired, Karl Rove on Hillary, VA Scandal

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New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson was fired last week with little explanation of why. Reports are swirling that it was about her "pushy" and "brusque" management style, her unwillingness to cooperate and that she had complained about pay disparity. Is this a gossipy story about elite papers or a cautionary tale about glass ceilings, glass cliffs and leaning in? The New York Post reported Monday night that Karl Rove, in remarks last week, repeatedly suggested that Hillary Clinton had suffered from a "traumatic brain injury" when she fell and suffered a concussion and blood clot in late 2012. Is this just typical Karl Rove tactics to call out a candidate's age and health? Claims are surfacing that Veteran Affairs hospitals are not treating veterans, including many with life-threatening conditions, fast enough. Several VA hospitals are accused of systematically falsifying records to cover up evidence of the problem. Rich Lowry says he expects Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki will have to resign over the scandal. 

Our panel today includes guest host Dahlia Lithwick (Slate.com), who moderates from the Center, Robert Scheer (TruthDig.com) on the Left, and Rich Lowry (National Review) on the Right.

Banner image: Executive Editor Jill Abramson (R) applauds as publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. holds up four fingers to indicate the four Pulitzer Prizes won by the New York Times are announced at the Times newsroom in New York April 15, 2013. Photo: Ruth Fremson/Pool/Reuters