Perry's Brain Freeze and the GOP Race for President

We check in on the latest with the GOP Presidential candidates. Texas Governor Rick Perry has been trying to keep his campaign on track and recover from his debate gaffe Wednesday night, where he forgot the name of the third government agency he'd seek to eliminate.



Perry's brain freeze was a gift to contender Herman Cain, who continues to push back against sexual harassment allegations. We also review the results of Election Day 2011, where Democrats claimed victory in several statewide races and referendums in Ohio, Mississippi, Maine, and Arizona. Are there any clues or bellwethers here for the 2012 election? Also this week, the global markets have been panicking with fears that Italy would default on its massive government debt. On Friday the Italian Senate passed an austerity bill which sent markets rallying. The vote also signals a change in leadership as former European commissioner Mario Monti is poised to replace Silvio Berlusconi as Prime Minister. Finally, this week, there's growing pessimism about the Congressional Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction. The 12-member the so-called "Super Committee," which is tasked with finding at least $1.2 trillion in deficit savings over the next 10 years, is facing a November 23 deadline to present a proposal both parties will support.


Today's guest moderator is Ed Kilgore, and Matt Continetti joins us as a guest panelist.

Banner image: Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a debate hosted by CNBC and the Michigan Republican Party at Oakland University on November 9, 2011 in Rochester, Michigan. Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images