Remembering John McCain

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The Left, Right & Center panel remembers John McCain’s political legacy. Ana Marie Cox shares memories of traveling on the Straight Talk Express, covering McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign. Douglas Holtz-Eakin, McCain’s economic policy director in the 2008 campaign, also joins the show. Senator McCain’s military service and political career have been both praised and criticized by the right and left. What is his legacy? What can today’s leaders learn from him?

Meanwhile, NAFTA negotiations are down to the wire—that is, toward an artificial deadline created by the president. What’s with all the pressure on Canada? And what happens if negotiations blow up? And, because it’s a day ending in ‘y,’ there’s some White House drama to talk about, and a shocking primary election result in Florida too.
Patricia Mazzei of the New York Times explains the Florida gubernatorial primary and the implications for the left.