Republican Media Stunts, NSA Data Dump and Cecil the Lion

The GOP presidential debate is next week but will only include those contestants who are highest in the polls. This led to numerous publicity stunts from candidates looking to boost their profile. Robert Scheer sees the whole campaign as exhibiting fascist tendencies like pre-war Germany, where economic problems are blamed on marginalized groups like Mexicans. Josh Barro doesn't see any candidates as fascist but does believe Trump has tapped into real anger that many people are feeling. To the surprise of many, the NSA dumped metadata collected from the last five years. Joan Walsh says it's proof that the surveillance program didn't produce any useful information. The illegal killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe drew the attention of the world this week. Why has this has impacted people so deeply when there's so much other bad stuff happening? Is it okay to feel outraged over this when there are so many other horrors in the world?

Josh Barro (New York Times) moderates from the Center. On the Left, Robert Scheer ( Tim Carney (Washington Examiner; "Heard on the Street" blog) Joan Walsh (; MSNBC) is our special guest. 

Special thanks to Sara Schiff who produced today's show.

Photo: Republican presidential candidate Lindsey Graham demonstrates one way he could destroy his cell phone after Donald Trump gave out his private number