Sequester Madness, Republicans Love Obamacare? Redefining the GOP

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Will sequester madness lead to across the board budget cuts? Matt Miller says there is nothing dumber. What can the President and the Republicans do to make it stop? Republican governors have changed their tune about Obamacare. Bob Scheer says if you aren't pro-universal healthcare then you are pro-euthanasia. In rethinking the message of the Republicans, Rich Lowry (National Review, columnist for is behind an effort to move beyond the policies of Reaganomics. And Bob Scheer remembers wearing an "I Like Ike" button in the Bronx. At the Oscars, should it be Zero Dark Thirty, Silver Linings Playbook or Argo? And then, there's always politicians behaving badly.

Banner image: Governor Rick Scott announces that he would support a limited, three-year expansion of the state’s Medicaid program under President Obama’s healthcare law. February 20, 2013