The links between a president and his golf game

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U.S. President Donald Trump gestures as he walks on the course of his golf resort, in Turnberry, Scotland July 14, 2018. Photo credit: Henry Nicholls

Sportswriter Rick Reilly says to understand President Trump, you need only understand how President Trump plays golf. And, he cheats at golf. A lot. Reilly relates Trump’s golf game and his golf business to the way he boasts, makes deals, and responds to crises.

Supreme Court analyst and biographer Joan Biskupic has a new book out about Chief Justice John Roberts. She tells the panel how Roberts is reshaping the court and how his surprise decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act came about.

Plus: Joe Biden may soon announce he’s running for president, but a number of women say they’ve already had a touch too much of him. Is 2019 the wrong year for Joe Biden to invade America’s personal space? President Trump is heading to Southern California to visit the border and do some fundraising after making threats this week to close the border entirely.




Sara Fay