The Supreme Court Goes... Phonanimous?

The Supreme Court comes out with big end-of-term decisions this week, and three of the four big cases were unanimous. Will Legal Analyst Dahlia Lithwick's new word Pho-nanimous take off to describe the Justices' behavior this term? She says the 9-0 rulings are far more fraught with argument than they appear. Among the decisions, the Justices struck down President Barack Obama's recess appointments, they ruled against arrest-related searches of cell phones, and struck down buffer zones around abortion clinics. Coming up next week, we'll hear a ruling about the Hobby Lobby and the contraception mandate. Also, the U.S. pledges to help Syrian rebels and the Ukraine signs a trade accord.

This week's panel includes Matt Miller, moderating from the Center. On the Left is Robert Scheer ( Byron York (Washington Examiner) is on the Right. Also, Dahlia Lithwick (Slate).