We're in the midterms home stretch

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After last week's arrest of a man suspected of sending explosives to Democrats and critics of President Trump, a gunman shot and killed 11 worshippers at a Pittsburgh synagogue. The shooter disliked President Trump for failing to support anti-Semitism, but has the president emboldened anti-Semites through his rhetoric and his political alliances? Yair Rosenberg joins the panel to talk about the time he spent with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh this week, and why the president's rhetoric about Jews is...complicated.

Meanwhile, Brazil has elected a new right-wing president. Will Carless, a correspondent based in Rio de Janeiro who covers extremism for Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, discusses Jair Bolsonaro's rise, the coalition he built in Brazil, and why comparisons to President Trump are flawed.

Then: how much of what President Trump is saying about birthright citizenship, changing asylum policies and sending more troops to the border in anticipation of the migrants heading slowly north has to do with the midterm elections in just a matter of days? Charlotte Alter of Time Magazine shares dispatches from the Midwest, where she's following Democratic candidates in tight races, and the Left, Right & Center panel talks predictions, indicators and what might surprise them in Tuesday's results.

Photo credit: Sean McMenemy