Corrupt Intent and Fear

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Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear” paints another unflattering picture of the inner workings of the Trump White House. Ken and Josh discuss a leaked excerpt showing Trump’s lawyers concern over Trump possibly perjuring himself if he spoke to special counsel Robert Mueller. We learned that Mueller will accept some written answers from Trump from the investigation. Is that good news for the administration?

The president’s tweets about the indictments of two congressmen up for reelection adds more questions about obstruction of justice. Trump lawyer/spokesman Rudy Giuliani told
The New Yorker that Mueller’s final report may be blocked to the public, but Josh and Ken discuss the ways the public might get to see it anyway. And, former Paul Manafort business associate Sam Patten has pleaded guilty to unregistered lobbying while comedian and Roger Stone pal Randy Credico will testify in front of Mueller’s grand jury this week.

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Rebecca Mooney