Hot (and hilarious) Stormy Daniels action

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There’s been a hilarious switch-up in the Stormy Daniels hush agreement lawsuit. First, Michael Cohen wanted to enforce the hush agreement and keep Daniels quiet about the affair she said she had with Donald Trump. Daniels then sued, arguing the hush agreement was invalid. Well, now Cohen and Trump say the agreement IS void, the judge should throw the litigation out, but they do want that $130,000 hush payment back. And Michael Avenatti, Daniels’ lawyer, is not taking yes for an answer. Josh and Ken explain this dramatic and funny situation. 

Also, Paul Manafort’s next trial still approaches, George Papadopoulos receives a 14-day sentence — Ken explains why he isn’t fazed — and Josh and Ken take on the claim Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh perjured himself during his confirmation hearings, and whether the anonymous internal resistance op-ed writer committed “treason?”.



Sara Fay