Hunter Biden, Don McGahn, Michael Flynn but first: coronavirus

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U.S. President Donald Trump, flanked by ?Vice President Mike Pence?, arrives for a press briefing on the administration response to the Coronavirus, at the White House in Washington, U.S. March 9, 2020. Photo credit: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters.

Senate Republicans are trying to kick up dirt around Hunter Biden. Senator Ron Johnson is looking into Burisma and he wants to subpoena records from Andrii Telizhenkoo, a consultant to Burisma at the firm Blue Star Strategies. Democrats objected to this and called it a fishing expedition meant to hard President Trump’s political opponent.

If Hunter Biden is subpoenaed, could he disobey? Could he delay? And if there are no specific allegations of criminal activity, could he assert his Fifth Amendment rights? And would it be a bad idea for Hunter Biden to agree to Donald Trump Jr.’s challenge to a debate? Yikes.

When it comes to closing businesses, schools and canceling public events, what’s within the president’s authority? 

A DC circuit panel recently ruled for Don McGahn, the former White House Counsel, saying the court couldn’t involve itself in a dispute between two other branches of government. House Democrats want an en banc review of that case (to be heard by all of the DC Circuit judges), but after the McGahn ruling, a judge offered some advice to House Democrats in their separate efforts to obtain the president’s tax returns. It might not be the right advice. But, they did a little better this week in their legal pursuit of Mueller investigation grand jury materials.

Plus: Michael Flynn, and wait, why does Donald Trump Jr. want to debate Hunter Biden?



Sara Fay