Insurrection and impeachment

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A window at the US Capitol building broken during the 6 January 2021 siege by supporters of US President Donald Trump. Photo by Dmitry Kirsanov/TASS

One week after a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, interrupting the congressional proceeding that affirmed Joe Biden’s defeat of President Trump, officials from the FBI and the Department of Justice have made some arrests and have promised more are on the way. What are the charges we know about right now, and what do they mean? Are there other possible charges? And is President Trump in legal trouble for his words and conduct in support of the insurrection? Josh Barro and Ken White talk about possible legal problems President Trump could face, and the political consequence: impeachment. As we recorded this episode, the House was moving closer to a vote on one article of impeachment (that has since passed). What are the other political remedies for President Trump besides impeachment? Can a twice-impeached president still exercise his pardon power, have Secret Service protection, and run for office again?



Sara Fay