Should Jeffrey Epstein be released on bail?

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A man walks past the front door of the upper east side home of Jeffrey Epstein, after the Southern District of New York announced charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors, in New York, U.S., July 8, 2019. Photo credit: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

There have been arguments this week about whether Jeffrey Epstein should be released on bail — is he a danger to the community? Would he commit other crimes if he’s released? Is he a flight risk? Could he be trusted to fund his own house arrest in his New York mansion? Should it matter to the judge that so many other defendants struggle to post even a couple hundred dollars in bail?

Then: CNN is reporting that Trump Organization executives are unlikely to be charged in the case where Michael Cohen pleaded guilty for making an unlawful and unreported campaign contribution (remember those hush money payments?). Why not?

Plus: a judge orders Roger Stone off social media, Michael Flynn is still cooperating, and some feedback on our emoluments discussion last week.



Sara Fay