This could take a while

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President Trump being debriefed on Air Force One. Photo credit: Shealah Craighead

President Trump and congressional Democrats want to expedite the president’s appeal of a ruling that would allow Congress to subpoena his financial records from banks, and a federal judge agreed. This is one of two lawsuits where the president has sued a third-party company to stop them from complying with congressional subpoenas and has lost initial rulings in both. How quickly might this be decided, even if it’s expedited? To be clear: the president and Democrats want this to be expedited for different reasons. Ken and Josh discuss that, and what’s happening with congressional attempts to subpoena Attorney General Barr and former White House counsel Don McGahn.

Then: Michael Flynn fired his lawyers this week. Why would he do that? Ken says there are a number of reasons, but it could be strategic. If Flynn is considering withdrawing his guilty plea, this could be a long road and Flynn might be playing a long game for a presidential pardon.

Plus: is Rudy Giuliani’s work done? And what’s the deal with InfoWars and Pepe the Frog?



Sara Fay