Boxer and Fiorina Meet in First Live Debate

Tonight at 7 pm, KCRW will carry a live debate between incumbent Democratic US Senator Barbara Boxer and her Republican challenger,  Carly Fiorina. It’s the first time the candidates are debating one another and will be broadcast live from Mt. St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California. (Pre-empts Which Way, LA?

California's 12% unemployment rate will loom high on the agenda. Fiorina has accused Boxer of being a big-government tax-and-spend liberal, while Boxer claims Fiorina would return California to the failed policies championed during the Bush Era. Fiorina says she'll lower business taxes and take on the regulatory structure that she believes is hindering job growth in California. Boxer has announced her plans to push for investment in clean energy and transportation projects. Republicans are anxious to gain a foothold in the Senate and have put up $2 million to help Fiorina as Boxer faces a strong bout of anti-incumbent fever throughout the state.