New Hampshire Primary Wrap-up with NPR

The first primary of the 2012 presidential race takes place on Tuesday, January 10 in New Hampshire. KCRW will present NPR's complete coverage, featuring candidate speeches, newsmaker interviews, and expert analysis from NPR Contributors E.J. Dionne (Washington Post) and Matthew Continetti (Weekly Standard), along with polling insights from The Pew Center's Andrew Kohut. We'll also hear from NPR's Mara Liasson in our Washington studio and Ron Elving in New Hamsphire. NPR reporters Don Gonyea, Ari Shapiro, Robert Smith, and Tovia Smith, and Andrea Seabrook will join the special from various candidate headquarters in the state. Debbie Elliott will be with us from South Carolina to give us insights into what voters in the next primary state are thinking. We'll also hear again from KUT's intrepid Ben Philpott, who will be traveling with Gov. Rick Perry, wherever he may be. (Airs from 6-8pm)