Obama Addresses Nation on BP Oil Spill

On Tuesday, June 15 at 5pm, President Obama will address the nation on the BP oil spill. In the speech from the Oval Office, the President is expected to address his administration's response to the spill and announce plans to require BP to create a multi-billion-dollar escrow account to pay claims arising from it. KCRW will provide NPR News' live, anchored coverage of the address. Michele Norris will host NPR's coverage. Joining her in the studio will be National Political Correspondent, Mara Liasson, Economics Correspondent, John Ydstie, and Environment Correspondent, Elizabeth Shogren. White House Correspondent, Ari Shapiro, will join from Pensacola with a group of people who watched the address.  EJ. Dionne and David Brooks will provide political analysis, and we'll also have reaction from Gulf state politicians.

Banner image: President Obama, Admiral Allen and Mississippi Governor Barbour in Gulfport, Mississippi. White House Photo: Chuck Kennedy, June 14, 2010