Presidential Debate: Domestic Policy

KCRW presents the debate between President Barack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the University of Denver in Colorado. October 3, from 6-8pm PDT. The debate will focus on the economy, healthcare and the role of government, and will be moderated by Jim Lehrer, Executive Editor of the PBS NewsHour. Following the debate, we will provide analysis from NPR Senior Washington editor Ron Elving, political analysts E.J. Dionne and Matt Continetti, and several NPR policy reporters.

During tonight's debate KCRW is hosting a live web chat in real time. To The Point producers and special guests Rachel Hastings, W. Kamau Bell, Ted Johnson, Joshua Trevino, and Farai Chideya weigh in with their opinions in real time. To the Point producers Katie Cooper, Gary Scott and Caitlin Shamberg will also weigh in to keep the conversation going. Tweet your own thoughts with the #KCRW hashtag.

A second presidential debate on October 16 will take the form of a town meeting. The October 22 debate will focus on foreign policy. (The October 11 vice presidential debate will focus on foreign and domestic policy.)

Banner image: (L) President Barack Obama, Official White House photo by Pete Souza, March 22, 2011; (R) former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Photo by Gage Skidmore/flickr