Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island Primaries

On March 4, voters in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island will cast their ballots. Some have billed this as a "must win" for Senator Hillary Clinton in her quest to get the Democratic nomination for President. For Senator Barack Obama, it's a chance to continue his streak of primary wins and solidify his "front runner" status. And for Senator John McCain, a continued strong showing could finally push Mike Huckabee out of the race. 

KCRW and KCRW.com, will carry special rolling coverage of Presidential Primary elections, beginning at 3 pm Pacific Time, with NPR’s All Things Considered, plus updates from KCRW's local afternoon news anchor, Ken Borgers. Tune in for the results and analysis.

At 7pm, National Public Radio hosts a one-hour anchored special on today's primaries in Texas, Ohio, Vermont and Rhode Island.  The special will be hosted by NPR's Robert Siegel and NPR's Melissa Block. NPR will have reporters with the major candidates and at sites in key primary states. (Pre-empts Which Way, LA?)