The Truth about Ruth

Today, February 26, 2010 marks Ruth's Seymour's last day as General Manager of public radio station KCRW. As a surprise for her, we present this one-hour biography, a fast-paced, engaging and honest appraisal. In this look behind the public face of a legendary woman, producer Matt Holzman has gathered interviews with many of the people who've played a role in — and whose lives have been marked by — Ruth's 32 years at KCRW.  (Airs 9-10am, repeats 7-8pm)

Among the participants are former Santa Monica College President Dr. Richard Moore who talks about how he came to hire her; Jay Kernis, creator of NPR's Morning Edition who speaks of Ruth's programming wizardry; Frank Mankiewicz, the President of NPR when it nearly went bankrupt, who said Ruth was the first station manager to raise money for the network; and Will Lewis, her longtime public radio creative partner, back to their days at KPFK, who shares inside stories.

Station staffers and programmers reminisce about their deep, sometimes difficult, but always rewarding relationships with Seymour. Chris Douridas, Jason Bentley, Anne Litt, Ariana Morgenstern and newly named General Manager Jennifer Ferro are among those who offer funny, poignant and insightful stories and revelations.

It's a truly memorable radio documentary, a fitting and moving celebration of someone who's added immeasurably to life of the community, and to all those who've shared their lives with her.

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Banner image: Marc Goldstin