Our Body Politic

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In a political media landscape dominated by white men, “Our Body Politic” will be a source of news by and for Black women and women of color. The weekly hour-long show will examine the critical role Black women and women of color play in shaping the upcoming presidential election, while chronicling how they’re working to reframe and rebuild America while finding higher ground to lead the country. 

Farai Chideya will engage and feature Black women and women of color from around the country, including prominent politicians, leading journalists, and influential entertainers, as well as “everyday experts” who will provide a window into what’s happening in their lives, regions and states.

“Our Body Politic” will be broadcast on KPCCKCRWKQED and other partnering stations across California and beyond. For all episodes and show information, visit https://our-body-politic.simplecast.com/episodes