AP Calls Clinton the Presumptive Nominee, Will Voters Still Turnout?

It’s primary day in California. Should the Associated Press and other news outlets have called the Democratic presidential race for Hillary Clinton last night? How will the announcement impact voter turnout in the Golden State? For a more personal look at politics, we turn to the hosts of the podcast “Dear Sugar Radio” who recently devoted two episodes to answering letters from people whose relationships have been strained during this election. Then, Garrard Conley was a lost child growing up in rural Arkansas as a Mission Baptist before being outed as gay. His new memoir, “Boy Erased,” chronicles his time in so-called ex-gay therapy, which used the Bible and a 12-step-like structure to convince vulnerable, often young, people to renounce their homosexuality. And finally, we’ll have a NBA/NHL finals update with the comedy team, the Sklar Brothers.

Banner Image: Californians vote in the 2016 presidential primary. Photo credit: Saul Gonzalez