Arming School Police, Ivy League Zombies, and Silvertop

The Compton School Board has authorized campus police to carry AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. Police in many other school districts have them already. Could they pose more danger than they prevent? LAUSD announced today that its police will no longer cite or arrest students for minor offenses. Last week, at $38M, a 1962 Ferrari became the most expensive car ever sold. We talk to author William Deresiewicz about the downside of Ivy League educations. In a new book, he argues that elite schools are zombie factories. And finally, Silvertop, an iconic hillside residence is on the market for the first time since 1974. We take a look at the history of the home and the legacy of the architect behind it, John Lautner.

Banner Image: Police transfer high school students backpacks into a school bus to be picked up later at a different location.