CA Billionaires, Bike Sharing, and Making L.A.: Manufacturing

Southern California still has more manufacturing jobs that almost any place in country. The biggest industries are tourism and entertainment, but the region is significant when it comes to making stuff like transportation equipment and apparel. Also, there are 92 Californians who are on the new Forbes 400 list. This is the magazine’s annual list of the richest Americans who make a minimum of $1.7 billion. Then, you might’ve noticed some eye-catching new billboards around town this week. They show silhouettes of people with these words written over them: “Tinder, Chlamydia, Grindr, Gonorrhea.” Tinder is demanding that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which created the billboards, take them down. Grindr cut business ties with the nonprofit. But the Healthcare Foundation says research is on its side in showing a link between so-called hookup apps and STDs. Finally, bike sharing is coming to Los Angeles. How will this work? If it does, there will be even more cyclists on the road. Will this mean more antagonism between bikers and drivers?