Cecil the Lion, 'The End of the Tour,' and Jason Bentley on Giorgio Moroder

People are outraged that an American dentist killed Cecil the Lion while hunting in Zimbabwe. But big game trophy hunting by wealthy Americans has a long tradition—think Teddy Roosevelt or Ernest Hemingway. And hundreds of lions are killed every year in Africa during big game hunts. But the biggest targets of poaching in Africa are elephants and rhinos, which, unlike lions, are endangered and on the way to extinction. Poaching has surged in Africa over the last decade, and terrorist groups are a big reason—they are now using money made from poaching to fund terrorism. Then, it turns out that cars are the newest frontier for hackers. Chrysler recently recalled 1.5 million Jeeps over hacking fears. And, during the last days of the book tour for his novel Infinite Jest, writer David Foster Wallace was joined by a reporter named David Lipsky. Lipsky wrote a memoir about the experience, which has been turned into a film called “The End of the Tour.” Finally, the first installment of a brand new segment on Press Play, where we talk to a KCRW DJ about new music. This week: Giorgio Moroder is one of the pioneers of electronic music. At 74 years old, Moroder has released his first new album in 30 years.