City Council Salaries, Big Business of Education, and Soy Sauce History

L.A. city councilmembers get paid more than the governor and members of Congress, and they are paid almost twice as much as California state lawmakers. How did that happen? Plus, a company called Pearson has its finger in every piece of the American education pie, making billions from testing, online curricula and textbooks. We talk to a Politico reporter who has done an in-depth investigation into Pearson’s rise. Next, in our parenting segment: Is it possible to talk about vaccines without people getting mad? After that, we discuss the now confirmed death of ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller. And the man who shot navy seal sniper Chris Kyle is going on trial in Texas. Will the movie make it impossible for him to get a fair hearing? Finally, who made those little soy sauce packets so popular -- and is that really soy sauce inside them?


Banner Photo Credit: Ken Lund