Climate Change and Poverty, Al Gore's Satellite, and 'The Cartel'

Governor Jerry Brown is at the Vatican, where the Pope is hosting a conference on climate change. In a new report, James Hansen—the guy who pretty much put climate change on the map—is warning that in less than 50 years, we’ll witness a rise in sea level of at least 10 feet. Coastal cities like New York will be rendered uninhabitable in only a few decades.

And there’s a new satellite in orbit that will help measure climate change. Al Gore is credited with dreaming up that satellite—he literally had a dream about a satellite that would send back pictures of the earth.

Then, novelist Don Winslow’s latest crime epic The Cartel begins with the fictional, government-sanctioned prison break of a cartel kingpin in Mexico.

Finally, the New York Times published details of a 10-year-old deposition in which Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women he wanted to have sex with. In the deposition Cosby casually—almost jokingly—talks about manipulating and drugging women for sex. Yet at the same time he denies being a predator or rapist.