New documentary ‘A Sexplanation’ explores stigma around sex

In his new documentary “A Sexplanation,” journalist and director Alexander Liu embarks on a journey to understand the stigma around sex and sexu education. Photo courtesy of Alexander Liu (Herra Productions)

It’s safe to say that for many people, high school sex education can lead to more confusion about sex, rather than answers. That was especially true for freelance science reporter Alexander Liu, who grew up in the 1990s and later came out as gay. So, he went on a quest to learn about sex and its role in society. He captured it all in a new documentary called “A Sexplanation,” which he directed.

Liu says that at the core of the documentary is the desire to open up the conversation around sex and reduce the stigma and shame that can accompany the topic.  

He says that in his own life, he didn’t learn that his sexual desires were natural until he got to college. 

“Maybe things would have turned out differently for me. Maybe I would have had less shame,” Liu tells KCRW. “I was starting to think “Why isn't this just told to kids? It would alleviate so much pain and suffering.’ And I think a majority of parents probably do want to have these conversations, but they just don't know how, because they were never modeled.”