Joe Biden’s German Shepherd will be first shelter dog in the White House

Joe Biden guides his new rescue dog Major after adopting him from the Delaware Humane Association in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S. November 17, 2018. Photo by Stephanie Gomez (Carter)/Delaware Humane Association/Handout via REUTERS

With Joe Biden, the White House gets its first-ever presidential pet from a shelter. Major is the Biden family’s German Shepherd rescue. He joins a storied list of White House occupants, including Barney (George W. Bush), Socks (Bill Clinton), Buddy (Bill Clinton), Ranger (George H.W. Bush), and Millie (George H.W. Bush).

The Biden family adopted Major three years ago from the Delaware Humane Association. How he went from a Wilmington animal shelter to the White House represents a broader shift toward more animal adoptions and away from traditional breeders.