Debate recap: The highs, lows, and the effect on the undecided

More than 80 million viewers tuned in for Monday night’s debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, making it the most-watched debate ever. The highlights and lowlights include squabbles over the birther conspiracy, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and who has the more “winning temperament.” What important topics – like immigration – were left out? And what did undecided voters think of the candidates’ performances? Also, just in time for the debate, the FBI released new data on crime in America. The candidates were asked how they would heal the racial divide in America; but to heal it, you first have to acknowledge what caused it – slavery. That’s the subject of Colson Whitehead’s new novel, titled “The Underground Railroad.” Whitehead spoke to Press Play about the actual underground railroad he imagined for the novel. And finally, despite Barney’s Beanery’s intolerant past, West Hollywood – one of the gayest in America – is fighting to save the 89-year-old landmark from a large commercial development.