Disappearing Islands, Domestic Terror, and The Bed Rest Hoax

Today in Paris, President Obama met with the leaders of six low-lying countries—like Barbados and the Marshall Islands—that are most at risk from rising seas. In fact, several of these countries could disappear entirely.

Next, fossil fuels are a huge factor in global warming—especially the oil and gas that are used to fuel cars. So are electric cars the answer?

Then, when it comes to terrorism, should we be more worried about North Carolina than Syria? U.S. citizens have committed 80 percent of terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11, according to a study by the New America Foundation. And a disproportionate number of homegrown religious extremists come from North and South Carolina.

And each year, hundreds of thousands of pregnant women are put on bed rest. The problem is that spending all that time lying in bed can lead to health problems for the mother. And recent studies have concluded that bed rest doesn’t actually help the pregnancy.

Finally, Los Angeles has long been a Chinese food destination. Now there’s a new twist in the trend. We are going “bao crazy.” Bao means bun: Chinese steamed buns filled with meat or vegetables.

Banner Image: Laura Beach, the Marshall Islands by Stefan Lins/Creative Commons