Kill gas tax or give $200 checks? Lawmakers are at odds

Gas prices exceed $8.00 per gallon at a Chevron station in Los Angeles, California, May 30, 2022. Photo by REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson.

California has the highest gas prices in the nation, and a $0.03 per gallon tax increase will kick in this July. Lawmakers keep debating whether to suspend the gas tax or give rebates. 

“Woman-Ochre,” a long-lost masterpiece by Willem de Kooning, is now on view at the Getty Center. The painting’s theft and recovery is like a heist movie plot.

Martha Mitchell invited two journalists to rifle through Watergate papers to “nail” her husband John Mitchell, the disgraced Nixon attorney general and campaign manager.  

Critics review the newest film releases: “Lightyear,” “Cha Cha Real Smooth,” “Official Competition,” and “Spiderhead.”