California Expands Paid Family Leave

Is paid family leave the new front in the fight over worker benefits? Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed the $15 minimum wage bill. Yesterday he increased family leave benefits. The state lets people take up to six weeks of paid leave to care for new children or sick parents. Under the law the governor signed yesterday, workers earning
up to $108,000 a year will take home more money during that time off - 60 to 70 percent of their salaries, up from about half. Is it the start of a national movement?


Jimmy Gomez - U.S. Congressman representing California's 34th district - @JimmyGomezCA, Jeffrey Hayes - Program Director of Institute for Women's Policy Research

Madeleine Brand

Matt Holzman, Anna Scott, Jolie Myers, Christian Bordal, Laura Swisher, Sarah Sweeney