New Hospital, New Hope to Replace King Drew Medical Center

When King Drew Medical Center opened in South L.A. in 1972  it was more than just a hospital. It was a symbol of hope and empowerment for L.A.’s African-American community. The hospital represented healing for people still recovering from the Watts riots. But over time, that promise faded. King Drew had such a bad reputation it was known as “Killer King.” The hospital was finally shut down eight years ago -- after aLos Angeles Times investigation detailed years of malpractice and mismanagement. This summer, a brand new facility is opening in its place. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital starts treating patients in July. Is it the beginning of a new era?


Charles Ornstein - ProPublica - @charlesornstein, Jasmyne Cannick - social and political commentator - @jasmyne, Mark Ghaly - Deputy Director for Community Health for the LA County Dept of Health Services

Madeleine Brand

Jolie Myers, Matt Holzman, Anna Scott, Christian Bordal