Guns and Public Opinion, the NRA’s Power, and the Supreme Court

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is calling for new gun control measures, including stricter background checks and a law allowing victims to sue gun manufacturers. But is Clinton speaking for most Americans? Have mass shootings like the one in Oregon changed public opinion?

And with around five million members and $250 million a year in revenue, the NRA is perhaps the most effective lobbying organization in the country. What explains its wide-ranging power?

Then, American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy. It’s not alone. Youth-focused chains like Wet Seal and Delia’s entered bankruptcy last year, and staples like Aeropostale and Abercrombie & Fitch are also struggling. So where are young people spending their money?

Next, the Supreme Court is back in action and California figures in several significant cases that will come up before the Court. A group of teachers is suing the California Teachers Association arguing that they shouldn’t have to pay union fees if they don’t join the union. And there’s a case against DirecTV involving their legal contracts.

Finally, it was a season premiere showdown on premium cable last night. HBO’s The Leftovers was back for season two, and Showtime had premiers of both The Affair and Homeland.

Banner Image: NRA Convention; Credit: Bob Price