How Much Does Hillary Clinton’s ‘Likability’ Matter?

In a 2008 Democratic debate between then-presidential hopefuls Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the question of Clinton’s likability was raised. Eight years later, the issue continues to dog Clinton in the presidential race. Is she ‘likable enough’ to win in the general election?

And LA City Attorney Mike Feuer says his office will enforce a controversial state law that requires so-called crisis pregnancy centers to inform their clients that abortion could be an option for them.

Also, the Justice Department issued a scathing review of Calexico’s police department. What’s going on in the border town, which is a major corridor for drug and immigrant smuggling?

Then, a Buzzfeed investigation found that thousands of H-2 workers are being exploited and mistreated. What will the Department of Labor do about it?

And finally, what will new nutrition labels mean for Americans looking to eat better?

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore