Recapping Trump’s second impeachment trial

A video screen affixed to a truck flashes an anti-Trump message near the U.S. Capitol during former U.S President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial in Washington, U.S., February 12, 2021. Photo by REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Maryland Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin, the lead House impeachment manager, gave closing remarks on Thursday in the second Senate trial of former President Donald Trump, this time on the charge of inciting an insurrection.

“How can we assure that our commander in chief will protect, preserve and defend us and our Constitution if we don’t hold a president accountable in circumstances like this? What is impeachable conduct if not this?” Raskin said.

Over the past four days, House Democrats built a narrative tying Trump’s repeated false claims about the November 2020 election results to the deadly January 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol building.

Trump’s defense team began presenting their case today. They’re arguing that Trump can’t be impeached since he’s no longer in office, and that he shouldn’t be held responsible for the violent acts of others.

Trump’s lawyers say they could wrap up later today. That means a vote in the Senate could happen as soon as Saturday.