Is Sochi Ready?, California Egg Laws & Priest Abuse Update

‘I’ve got 3 light bulbs, will trade for a door handle’... $50+ billion have been spent preparing for the Winter Games. We hear from two reporters in Sochi about surprising hotel conditions. The UN has launched a broadside against the Vatican over its handling of priest abuse. What’s happening in the LA archdiocese? California’s agricultural laws are driving the food industry crazy. We’ll talk to the President of the Missouri Farm Bureau about who's got the biggest cages. And football players at Northwestern University want to form their own labor union.

Banner Image: Samsung’s Sochi 2014 outdoor advertising campaign displayed on the Russian Seasons Hotel in Olympic Park, Sochi. The campaign is running on 55 landmark locations throughout Sochi and expresses the theme, “Note your dreams; Design your life” through featured athletes and devices. Credit: SamsungTomorrow