L.A. Football Fanaticism, 'Citizenfour,' and the Weird Politics of the Oscars

Today, we start with a look at the football showdown shaping up in Los Angeles. There are competing plans to bring an N.F.L team and stadium to the city; will any of them actually come to fruition? We also hear from a couple of hometown football fans about the heartbreak of being a Rams supporter in L.A. Then, continuing a weeklong series spotlighting this year’s Oscar nominated documentaries, we hear about the making of Citizenfour, a film about Edward Snowden and his NSA revelations. In our weekly film segment, it’s Oscar time. But this time, we’re not talking about the films. Instead, it’s all about the strange voting process. And finally, a food writer talks about why she’s declaring Los Angeles a superior pastrami city to New York.

Banner Image: Rams on offense at St. Louis