The LAUSD's iPad Debacle Drags On With Refund Demand

The Los Angeles Unified School District has an iPad -- or 43,000 -- it would like to sell you. Lawyers for the district have fired off a letter to Apple saying they’re not happy with the product and demanding a refund. School officials say the curriculum on the iPads, made by the education company Pearson, is glitchy and students don’t like the content. Most teachers who were given the iPads have stopped trying to use Pearson’s app. The iPad debacle lead to the end of John Deasy’s tenure as superintendent, and the FBI is investigating possible fraud in the bidding process. So who’s to blame here, and does the LAUSD deserve a refund?


Steve Zimmer - LA Unified School District; candidate for School Board District 4 seat - @lausd_zimmer, Howard Blume - education reporter for the Los Angeles Times - @howardblume

Madeleine Brand

Jolie Myers, Matt Holzman, Anna Scott, Christian Bordal