LAUSD’s Student Records Problem and the History of the Jheri Curl

LAUSD’s new computerized record system has some students sitting around in auditoriums, waiting to be assigned to their classes. Now a judge has stepped in. Also, the director of the Centers for Disease Control compared the Ebola epidemic to HIV/AIDS today. We look at the similarities and differences between the diseases, and also take stock of the sometimes overblown panic about Ebola in the U.S. Then we catch up with Danielle Brazell, the new general manager of L.A.’s cultural affairs department. Next: the filmmaker behind the Twitter meme-turned-movie “Dear White People” on race and identity. And finally, Comer Cottrell, the self-made millionaire who popularized the Jheri curl, died Friday at 82. We look back on his life and legacy.

Banner Image: Schoolgirl with books on head by: CollegeDegrees360