Berlin and Hollywood

Berlin and Los Angeles share a lot in common, especially movies. Not only has Berlin always been the heart of Germany’s film business, it’s been a stepping-off point for talent that’s had a huge impact on the American movie business. Carl Laemmle founded Universal Studios. Marlene Dietrich and her director Josef von Sternberg are synonymous with the exotic American films of the ‘30s. And Billy Wilder wrote and directed one of Madeleine Brand’s favorite movies ever, “Some Like It Hot.” Of course we know names like Dietrich and Wilder. But hundreds of lesser-known German immigrés have changed the way American movies look and sound.

Starting next week, Press Play will be in Berlin. Every day, we’ll be sending stories back about the political and cultural life of a city that’s both one of the most glamorous and grittiest in Europe.

Publicity photo of Marlene Dietrich for the film  No Highway in the Sky  also known as  No Highway  (1951).