Sumner Redstone Resigns

The media mogul Sumner Redstone has resigned as executive chairman of his two major companies: Viacom and CBS. Redstone is now 92 and investors claim that his health has been waning for some time. But his resignation hasn’t ceased the conflict that surrounds his empire. His daughter, Shari Redstone was the only one who voted against the election of his Viacom successor, Philippe Dauman. She said she was advocating for Viacom’s shareholders, who are not happy with Dauman’s performance. And Redstone’s longtime companion, Manuela Herzer, is the one who filed the lawsuit calling Redstone mentally unfit. That’s some major drama.

Photo: Danny Moloshok/Reuters



  • Kim Masters - editor-at-large of The Hollywood Reporter, and host of KCRW's “The Business.” - @kimmasters