Bob Hertzberg v. Lindsey Horvath: What separates each Democrat?

LA City Hall is seen on a cloudy day, October 14, 2022. Photo by Amy Ta/KCRW

Ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections, Georgia and Pennsylvania have lawsuits over who is allowed to vote.

The fight has gotten intense for Sheila Kuehl’s LA County supervisor seat. Democrats Bob Hertzberg and Lindsey Horvath have accused the other of being closet Republicans.

The modern Republican Party was created in the image of Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, and Rush Limbaugh, says Vanderbilt University’s Nicole Hemmer, author of “Partisans.”

The Sonoran Desert Toad’s glands secrete a potentially deadly hallucinogenic, but national park visitors have been seeking out these creatures to lick them.