Mormon Church on Gay Rights, Politics of the Hijab, and Songwriting Feuds

We start with a look at yesterday’s announcement by the Mormon Church on gay rights and religious freedom. Then, Michelle Obama didn’t wear a hijab yesterday during a visit to Saudi Arabia, sparking thousands of critical tweets. Why is the headscarf so politically charged? Next up, in our regular parenting segment, a look at a Maryland couple being investigated for letting their two children walk home a the park unsupervised. Are we living in an age of over-parenting? After that, Madeleine speaks with choreographer Amy O’Neal about her hip-hop piece “Opposing Forces,” which makes its California debut this weekend at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. And finally, Sam Smith and Tom Petty have reached a settlement over plagiarism allegations. We look at the legal standard for songwriting plagiarism, and some of the more famous song credit feuds from over the years.

Banner Image: Tom Petty playing at the Norwegian Wood music festival in 2012; Credit: NRK P3