Fantastic Negrito uncovers white indentured servant on family tree

“All the bells and the alarms went off because the shock was that Elizabeth Gallimore, my seventh-generation grandmother, was a white woman. And I just never heard of anything like that,” says musician Fantastic Negrito. Photo courtesy of Fantastic Negrito.

When musician Fantastic Negrito researched his family history during the pandemic, he discovered a 300-year-old interracial love story and siblings he didn’t know about.

Some six months into the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the two sides are fighting close to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Nearby residents have fled over fears of a Chernobyl-like disaster.

North Carolina voters passed constitutional amendments in 2018 that aimed to make voting tougher. Lawmakers who put them on the ballot may have been elected illegally.

Eight fraternities at USC have disaffiliated with the university this month over new rules that were supposed to address allegations of sexual assault at parties.

Artist Michael Heizer, who created “Levitated Mass” outside LACMA, has finished “City,” which is more than a mile long in the Nevada desert. Few people will be able to check it out.