New Housing Rules, the Heroin Epidemic and L.A.’s Mysterious House on a Hill

Today the Obama administration announced new housing rules: cities and towns all over the country will have to take new measures to mix rich and poor neighborhoods. L.A.’s own history of segregation continues to influence where Angelenos live, and their economic and educational opportunities. Then, we unpack the mystery behind a century-old house hidden in the middle of an oil field in Baldwin Hills. Few people know it’s there, and even fewer know its history. Next, the rate of heroin use among women doubled over a decade, according to a new study published this week. It has also more than doubled among whites, and it grew 60% among middle-class households. What’s next in the nation’s heroin epidemic? Finally, Comic Con starts tomorrow. Thousands of fans will be flocking to San Diego, not to mention studios and TV networks. We’ll get a preview of what’s buzz-worthy.