‘Warrior’ is martial arts-heavy exploration of what it means to be American

L to R: Chen Tang, Maria-Elena Laas, Jason Tobin, and Andrew Koji star in “Warrior.” Photo by Graham Bartholomew/Cinemax.

The fall TV season is here. KCRW looks at shows flying below the radar with Shirley Li, a staff writer for The Atlantic. “The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey” (Apple TV+) stars Samuel L. Jackson as a 91-year-old man with dementia who gets his memory back. “Breeders” (FX and Hulu) is a comedy about a couple juggling parenthood, caring for aging parents, full-time jobs, a mortgage, and their own relationship troubles. “Warrior” (HBO Max) is a martial arts crime drama set in San Francisco in 1870, based on the writings of Bruce Lee. “Miracle Workers” (TBS) is an anthology series that’s set in dysfunctional heaven, the Dark Ages, and the Oregon Trail.